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The major European institutional and financial projects on the eve of the French presidency: a view from the ECB - Bori

L’assurabilité des grands risques

Insurability of large emerging risks - January 2023
European and French regulation
Insurability of large emerging risks - January 2023

Author: Olivier Lopez  Professor at Sorbonne University, Director of the Institute of Statistics of Sorbonne Université (ISUP) This Debate Paper discusses how to take up the challenges triggered by the emergence and proliferation of large risks, which, if not properly mutualized, will undermine the social links that are fundamental to our society. To put together efficient risk transfer…

Sustainability information and financial market efficiency - January 2023
European and French regulation
Sustainability information and financial market efficiency - January 2023

By Fabrice DEMARIGNY This Debate Paper highlights key challenges for appropriate implementation of the new EU sustainability reporting framework and how disclosure of reliable and comparable sustainability information might contribute to efficient capital allocation. To reach these objectives, the following urgent action points have been identified: Ensure full interoperability between the…

After Brexit
January 2023
REF 148
After Brexit

Six years after the referendum that decided Brexit, this issue of the Revue d'Économie Financière proposes to take stock of the extent of developments to date and the various prospects for the future, both from the point of view of the United Kingdom and the European Union. This issue of the REF shows how Brexit, from an economic and financial point of view, has been technically managed in the…

War in Ukraine: Economic and Financial Explosions and Recompositions
November 2022
REF 147
War in Ukraine: Economic and Financial Explosions and Recompositions

Russia's war in Ukraine marks a major break in European history. Its human, political and geopolitical consequences are on a scale not seen on our continent since the Second World War. An initial assessment of the economic dimension of the consequences of this war can also already be made. What is the real impact of the economic sanctions on Russia? Is the Ukrainian economy resilient in the face…

The Sustainability of Public Debts
October 2022
REF 146
The Sustainability of Public Debts

New public interventions are being debated to combat climate change, manage the energy crisis and health challenges, among others. These debates are taking place in a singular environment for the public finances of developed countries. What is a reasonable timeframe for public debt reduction, 5 years or 20 years? What level of public debt is both desirable and sustainable? These difficult…

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